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The Spiritual Resource Development (SRD) Programme is meant for anyone filled with the desire to love God with his/her whole heart-mind-soul-power, and to love everyone else, without exception.

The aim of the SRD Programme is to provide you with inspirational inputs, simple prayer techniques and spiritual exercises in order to strengthen, intensify and deepen your relationship with God. In the prosess, you will discover your own inner resources, and be motivated to use your insights and experiences in a constructive way....a Retreat in Daily Life


  1. Every activity of the day is a 'spiritual exercise'...periods of prayer are intimate moments of communion with a friend
  2. Choose a time and place that is relatively free of disturbances
  3. Select a posture that lends itself to prayer, combines reverence and bodily relaxation


    Excerpts from 'At Home with God' by Fr. Hedwig Lewis S.J.

Hedwig Lewis, a Jesuit priest, is the Spiritual Director of Religious and Seminarians in training. He has taught courses and organized workshops on "The Art of Prayer" at Our Lady of the Elms College, Genesis, The Marian Centre, in parishes, and for Cursillos in Massachusetts (USA).
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