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Kevin's collection

 Blatter Herbarium - St. Xavier's College

Warli Art - A collection of two publications by Fr. Wendell D'Cruz S.J., a jesuit priest who spent a few years living with the Warli tribals of Talasari, a remote district in Maharashtra state, INDIA

At Home with GOD ... a Spiritual Resource Development Programme

What is Life?

To get the best of life:

Life is a challenge - accept it
Life is a promise - fulfil it
Life is a duty - perform it
Life is a love - enjoy it
Life is a mystery - unfold it
Life is a song - sing it
Life is an art - display it
Life is a fraud - beware of it
Life is a beauty - worship it
Life is a dream - realise it
LIfe is a journey - complete it
Life is a game - play it
Life is a sorrow - overcome it
Life is a tragedy - forsee it
Life is a fragrance - spread it

Do more than exist - live

Do more than touch - feel

Do more than look - observe

Do more than hear - listen

Do more than listen - understand

Do more than think - ponder

Do more than talk - act

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