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Welcome to my Home Page.... most recent one at least. Each attempt at web-page designing with months of inactivity inbetween,, sees some major changes at my site.

This page has links to some of the pages I've designed in the past - some of my first attempts at HTML, from over a year or two ago.... keeping that in mind, I have avoided descriptions of the pages out here - let them speak for themselves....

My first attempt at web page designing... over two years back - managed a primitive background

At Home with God

Coming soon...

My second attempt, mostly textual

A fantastic display of my numerous  photograph cpllections

Warli Art

First attempt with scanned images

The Miraculous Medal

An experiment with frames and background music

Khandala Memories

A more recent attempt - a colllection of some photographs of my outings at Khandala

Kevin D'Cruz

Santa Cruz, Bombay


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